After overseeing the move to the new premises JD Sutherland also resigned in 1968, to take up a teaching appointment at the University of Edinburgh.

On 1 August 1968, Robert H. Gosling took charge of the Tavistock Clinic under the new title of Chairman of the Professional Committee after winning the unanimous vote of his colleagues.

Robert Gosling was the first and foremost of the new generation of psychiatric staff that shaped the Clinic after the retirement of Jock Sutherland. His style was a much more facilitating and participatory one and led to a flowering of creativity in the institution.

In the period after the war the Tavistock Clinic retained a position of being staunchly independent and associated with the development of object relations theory, but during the 60s it became known as a Kleinian institution, thanks to the influence of key figures such as Wilfred Bion, Donald Meltzer, Martha Harris and Isabel Menzies Lyth.

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