Also in the early-1970s, Chris Dare and John Byng-Hall, who had both trained at the Tavistock, in child and adolescent psychiatry, began to develop Systemic Family Therapy. John Byng-Hall initially organised a Family Therapy Workshop in the Adolescent Department and a research group. They invited people from the US to talk and give short-term courses, with Sal Minuchin, taking a sabbatical at the Tavistock Clinic to write Families and Family Therapy (1974). In 1974 John Byng-Hall and Rosemary Whiffen became co-Chairs of the Family Therapy Programme. The first Family Therapy Training Course in the UK was organised at the Tavistock Clinic in 1975 and the first International Forum for Family Therapy Trainers was organised in 1979. It was the first family therapy training established in the UK.

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